Here is a little bit about us…

Our Story

Proudly at the helm of Tea Tree Cabinets, the business is owned and operated by Ryan Oster.

After a number of years working within the business, in 2018 Ryan acquired Tea Tree Cabinets. Leveraging and further applying his invaluable expertise and qualifications, the business operation has seen unprecedented growth and many happy customers. His fresh perspective combined with his relentless drive for excellence, continues to be essential and is ensuring outstanding results.

It is our work that clearly reflects the fact that we absolutely love what we do, and aspire to showcase passion for cabinetmaking through the promise of exceptional quality work and an unforgettable customer service experience.

We are passionate about design and take pleasure in sitting down with clients to map out their dream space. Unique, elevated and stylish, you can be confident that Ryan’s attention to detail is exactly what you need for your next project.

Work Volumes

Kitchens 90%
Wardrobes 70%
Display Units 80%
Laundry 60%

Brands We Use